Embrace Life’s Challenges

Being in isolation can bring its own emotional challenges and increase anxieties, and I want you to know that I and most counsellors can still support you during this time.

You may feel that you need emotional support regardless of what`s happening in the wider world, or even more so because of what’s happening right now.

Should you feel that you would like to talk to someone, I am able to offer single counselling sessions for the immediate future so that you can simply discuss your concerns or give you a little space to think freely during this difficult and strange time we are experiencing.

What technology do I need?

Sessions will be via SKYPE or online via Zoom.  Zoom is a safe secure internet platform on which we can see each other and talk in a face to face way. 

I recommend when using on-line face to face sessions that you use headphones for added privacy.

May I suggest that you have a pen, and paper to hand so you can take notes if needed. You will also need to test that your camera on your laptop or PC is working so that we can connect.

I suggest that you create a FREE Zoom account so that you can easily access our sessions at the given time. You can download this here www.zoom.us. For each of our sessions, I will send you an email with a secure link to join me at the agreed time. You will always have this within 24 hours before our session is due to start.

You should be aware that I cannot guarantee confidentiality from your location.
The responsibility for this rests with yourself. For us to work together I need to know that you can create a quiet space for yourself to talk freely and without interruption.

How do I make payments for our sessions?

As we are working online, I will need to send you an Invoice prior to our sessions. This will include instructions on how to make an online payment to me via PayPal or Bank transfer.

Please note that payment will need to be made prior to sessions.

Please contact me to discuss this if you have any concerns, I offer a 30 minute phone session so I can answer any of your questions or concerns.

The first step is often the hardest.